when ur running down the stairs with no bra on


Anon, how thoughtful of you to look after me. But even if there was an issue of concern, I am more than capable of addressing it myself. I don't understand what business you have with Vala or myself. Please leave.

of course she's going to deny it. she was scared of telling you so that's why i'm doing it for her.

Haha I’m sorry but you’re not very convincing and I’m about done dealing with this nonsense =_=

If you’re a friend of Emmi’s and are really concerned about her, please message me off anon so the three of us can talk this over.

hey your vala right? emmi's been feeling pretty down because of you. she says you guys aren't close anymore and your pushing her away and not responding to her messages. she feels like you've tossed her aside. that's a pretty hurtful thing for you to do you know

I’m sorry but who is this? Emmi and I are both wondering who would send this kind of misleading message…

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hello! thank you so much for the dnw gaiden translations they are very helpful and you are very kind for taking the time to do this! i wanted to know if you'd be translating the first gaiden chapter? i have the scans here cococomic (.) com/manhua/8161/156445 (.) htm?s=6

Ahh, you’re very welcome! I’m glad you found the translations helpful ><

Unfortunately the raws on cococomic are in Chinese so I won’t be able to provide translations for that chapter, I’m sorry ;w; The first chapter for gaiden has actually already been scanned though, and can be read here. EG Scans (the same group that worked on dnw) will also be releasing scans for gaiden. I hope that helps a bit!